Automatic Water Salesman
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Sell water day or night!

The Automatic Water Salesman

Stop giving water away!

The Automatic Water Salesman from Vernon Manufacturing delivers water automatically with no attendant necessary!


The Automatic Water Salesman installs anywhere! In your building or in our streetside box, the controls and money are inside, protected from weather and vandals. Customer access is from the outside. The control valve mounts in your water line and operates at any pressure.

Typical Installation- Streetside Box shown. Piping by customer.


Our basic coin and currency/coin machines are adjustable by the seller to deliver any amount of water desired. Their solid state design insures years of trouble free operation.  The card and key systems record water delivery for billing cycles determined by the city.

Units in operation have increased income by one-third or more. No loss of city revenue from unpaid water bills. By reducing selling costs, the Automatic Water Salesman pays for itself and makes money for you.

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We can create custom configurations to fit your needs!

bullet" - 4" valves (2" standard)
bulletIndividual or combination systems for coins, currency, prepaid cards, tokens, PIN or keys
bulletStreetside box
bulletFlush mount system
bulletKey override (for fire department or city use)
bulletCoin counter
bulletAutomatic drain
bulletCross connection control device
bulletBackflow preventers
bulletPressure reducing valves
bulletTorsion spring loading arms